Being excited about going to the gynecologist  has got to be an early warning sign of psychosis.

The thought of having a morning filled with conversation that was mainly about me and how I was doing had me over the moon with anticipation though.

Seriously, my days are generally consumed with 20 second quips about superheros and why some are bad and good, talk about poop and pee, arguments over eating or lack there of, and loud noise that has the same exact effect on my brain that a jack hammer does on asphalt.

To get out of the house, child free, for just a few hours, to a gynecologist appointment, where “real” adult conversation would take place…was exactly what I needed today.

It was wonderful too.

Not only were my efforts to get physically fit acknowledged by the unfriendly object known as the office scale ( a 12 lb weight difference from last year) they were complimented on by my doctor when she first entered the exam room.

Who doesn’t like someone noticing the changes you’ve been working so hard towards and saying, “Wow, 12lbs.  You look great.  This is the lowest I’ve ever seen your weight.”

Then we talked about my goal for the 10k on March 31st.

My doctor was more excited that I was taking a trip sans children.

Seriously, her excitement for me was exactly what I needed to tune out the voice of the Mom-guilt monster.

There were discussions about reasons and possible remedies behind having and/or preventing hernias, PMS that sucks for 4 days straight and how I should encourage my husband to follow through on his vasectomy plans.

Adult conversation heaven and it was all about ME!

“You look great, everything looks great.  Keep up the good work.  See ya next year”, and I was done and out the door.

I then found myself at a clothing store fighting off the “You’re to old for that” monster and bought my first pair of skinny jeans along with an age appropriate top; for my trip to Virginia.  I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear them to the next story time at the library.

On my way home I cashed in a free latte roll the rim win and got an always age appropriate caramel latte from Tim Horton’s.

I got home with time to spare so I visited with my sister (who had watched Aidan) for a little bit.

Before I left, she handed me this, explaining that it was a flap attachment piece to the rug shampooer they gave to me a few months ago.I studied it for a bit before speaking.

“Do you realize why this is so completely awesome?” I asked her

It occurred to her slowly.

“PUSH is my word for 2012″

We both laughed and wrinkled our foreheads in that, “things that make you go hmm” way.

“That’s awesome”, I said on my way out.  “I love when things like that just happen”.

“Live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and you connect with the field of infinite possibilities”
Deepak Chopra 





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