Dear Jacek,

The night before your birthday when I was tucking you in bed I was joking about having to say good-bye to the “five-year old Jacek”.  You insisted that you’d still be the same boy when you woke, just six instead of five.  I teased I would miss the “five-year old Jacek” and you rolled your eyes at me.

The thing is, you aren’t the same little boy you were last year and that “five-year old Jacek” really was gone when you woke up on your birthday morning.

You are now a six year old boy with your own agenda who is becoming increasingly independent and driven.

Kindergarten has been so good for you.

I love going in and spending time with you and your friends.

You are truly in your element there and your teacher always praises you, which I can’t get enough of.

I love observing you and witnessing your natural leadership because it is so incredible.

At home you still are willing to help out but have begun to share your opinion when asked to do something you’re not particularly fond of.

This isn’t very helpful to Mommy but I secretly enjoy the fuss you make over things being boring, “not fair” or something you just don’t want to do.

You are beginning to find your voice and that makes me incredibly happy and proud.

It shows me how assertive, honest and stubborn you are.

Knowing that you will speak up for yourself and voice your opinion helps me feel a little more secure sending you out on your own every day.

Good thing you are also sweet and thoughtful though because this newly found assertiveness tires me out!

I am sure you are thinking something along the lines of, turning six is so much better then five which is so very true from your perspective and I want you to enjoy every minute.

From my perspective though, six just seems so much older then five.

My Munchkin Man is not so munchkin any more.

Everything inside you is changing and I see those changes every day in how you act, react, behave, listen, rebel, talk, play and look.

You are curious and hungry for knowledge (and food, you never stop eating!).

At times your world is all you seem to know and the only place you want to be but sometimes you share it with me.

I think you realize it doesn’t always make sense to me but you still share it anyways.

You are generous like that.

You’re learning all about yourself, what you like, how you think, what’s right or wrong, what feels good, what doesn’t;  you are so busy.

You amaze, frustrate and inspire me..sometimes all at once.

My advice to you today, on your sixth birthday is to keep asking questions, especially the ones that everyone else is afraid to for those are the ones we really need answers to.

Keep your heart open and always listen to me, okay?

Even if you don’t always do what I ask or completely understand, please just listen.

I promise you the very same.

Happy Birthday my boy.

With all my love and more.



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