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Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Awww. Cookies and hugs sound like a good way to come home.  I’m stoppin by from Shell’s! Loved your post-very thought provoking!

I am pretty jealous of you right about now…39 days of meal planning…You’re good! I wish I knew what we were having tomorrow night…lol! I WILL GET BACK INTO MEAL PLANNING beginning Sept 1st…my goal!  Crap I am wondering when my life became so busy!!! Love ya monkey ball twin! Happy Tuesday!

I love the imagery throughout. We used to jump off of the swings on purpose. We used to see how far away from the swings we could go. I think we also used to flip ourselves over backwards. I always wanted to have a swinging competition, but those moves were illegal on the playground during school hours.

Oh, that is so sad! Well written. And sad. I like the unexpectedness, the realization that came over me as I read. Haunting.  Wow. I never would have guessed that ending. Very powerful stuff. Great story!  Very sad but I like the way you presented it – it was a smooth transition between the woman watching the scene to her coming to and realizing her daughter was dead.

I had to read it twice, it was soooo good. What a story and ending. I would have never guessed. Intensely emotional. Excellent work. You are very talented.

As Always,

Your Biggest Fan


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Welcome to Comment – Love Letters #26

It’s easy as:

-Randomly choosing some comments left on  your posts during the last week

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Dear Kerri ,

Kerri! That was breathtaking! More please!  We like salmon a lot, so your salmon kabobs sound really good! :)  What a great dinner party idea!

I’d say you’ve captured a cat’s attitude perfectly. And if I (hopefully never) ever have two cats, I’m totally naming them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Brilliant.  I love it! You make me miss my don’t-give-a-damn miss perfectionist kitty.  Funny!! No mention of his hot girlfriend though??? heehee!! I love that cat!! He totally would have said all that and more I’m sure!!  Silly cat! That was too cute! Btw, I’m giving you a shout out on my blog tomorrow for the post you wrote last Friday for Red Writing Hood! Loved that story!

I really liked this. There was some really great imagery in it. I particularly liked, “As the shampoo and soaps are used, an array of aromas waft up on the billows of steam. ”  There are so many good lines here. Your descriptive narration put me right there as if I were the character itself….that translates into very good writing. This was excellent. Excellent.

I have been awful about visiting and leaving comments lately so I can relate!!! I actually got up at 5am today and am playing catch up with all my blog friends!!! Eek! This kind of freaked me out. But your choices are great. Memory books & pictures are always top on my list of must-haves

As Always….

Your Biggest Fan


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Welcome to Comment-Love Letters


It’s easy as:

-Randomly choosing some comments left on  your posts during the last week

-Copying them and putting them into a letter format

-Linking up here with me

**This is a win-win meme.  You feel good re-reading your awesome comments, and your readers will love seeing their comments showcased**

Here’s my 24th letter!  Enjoy and thanks for the love.  YOU make this letter possible!!!


Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

I love comment love letters and I am not sure why no one else does…(well doesn’t link up) It is fun and easy to do =) Sorry my post has been up since last night but I just linked it because I am lame and forgot.

You are quite the storyteller my friend! Super cute!! Now I must go give myself that time out. ;-)  Journey is a great word! I love that you’re still reaching your potential too. I would like to think we’re all stretching ourselves that way. :)

I think so many women struggle with bouts of depression alone. When we’re feeling sad, we just don’t realize that there are others out there who have moments like that too, so we feel alone, which just makes us feel sadder. I’m glad you shared with us. You’re not alone out there…don’t forget that next time you’re crying alone in the laundry room. Hormones are a bitch!

You really haven’t had much luck! Wish I could be your neighbor! :)  My neighborhood is surprisingly unfriendly. We had hoped to make friends and have people to hang out with, but no way! And now since so many people are losing jobs, half the neighborhood is either rfor rent or the house has been foreclosed.

This is classic! Funny how I can’t get my kids to stay in time out, and yours tries to tickle you out of the corner.  I love your take on this – sometimes even grown ups need time-outs and I’m sure it makes a huge impression on your kids that you’re aware of that! :)  Every mom deserves a timeout. I know I do. Right now, actually. Please?

Stopping by from the Saturday Sampler. Your writing is beautiful and I can really picture your wonderful memories. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful, long time relationship with your sister!



Your biggest fan.


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My feature post on Friday Follow did not post until almost 5pm yesterday.

So, if you missed it please check it out today:

I Have A Blog


The only meme around that showcases the comments you receive

Welcome to Comment-Love Letters


It’s easy as:

-Randomly choosing some comments left on  your posts during the last week

-Copying them and putting them into a letter format

-Linking up here with me

**This is a win-win meme.  You feel good re-reading your awesome comments, and your readers will love seeing their comments showcased**

And now, without further adieu I bring you my 23rd comment-love letter :


Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Bless your heart, it takes so much courage to be able to share your innermost feelings with those who care and love you. Sadly, sometimes, it’s easiest with those who don’t know you that well. It does get better, each day, maybe one really good moment will shine thru the rest. Hang on, dear one and know you are so admired and loved.  I think you and I are on much the same wavelength lately. Hang in there.

This is an awfully pretty and well-organized blog to have “Klutter” in the name.  I wanna come next time! And a nap sounds so fabulous right now! Why won’t my children nap!!! ??? Seriously your vacation just sounded heavenly! Our next family vacation will definitely be one like yours! And heck nothing beats glow sticks and smores!

Oooh! What is a Tater Tot Casserole??? Love Tater Tots!  ohhh Happy Friday Girlfriend!!! Ya ya I am buzzing on a mojito!  Oooo I want to come over and sing!!!

I just love taking naps but unfortunately I don’t always get the time.  My husband is the grill master and actually the chef, too. We grill the steak and also the veggies and it is delectable. That salmon looks scrumptious.

This is such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing the memories! I’m your new follower!  *Sniffle* Thanks!! I see this very vividly from your writing, I think I even itch a little!! lol… Tons of fun back in those days!! Wish we could go back to it sometimes as well….Glad you didn’t post all the mean stuff I did to you!! :p I love you much!!

Keep on rockin!!

Your Biggest Fan


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Later Lovers,

Welcome to Comment-Love Letters

  • Pick a bunch of comments you received within the last week
  • Copy and paste them into letter form
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Here’s mine but be warned I’m including a few spam comments I received.  I mean, love is love right?  Who am I to be picky?

Anything in red is added commentary by me…for your reading enjoyment of course!


Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me.  They’re coming back now. Please send help! (I didn’t approve the comment but I saved your comment for Comment-Love Letters. Is that okay?  Hello. Are you still alive? Uh oh.)

Hahaha Screaming Children! LOL.  Very funny warning! Your menu looks great.  Cola pork chops sound soooo yummy!

I know how you feel. I am an over analyzer and it sometimes can just be too much. You have this outlet and I’m sure it felt good to get it out. Glad to hear that you let these lingering thoughts go. Good for you for signing up for some classes!! How exciting!  A cluttered mind shows you are a thinker and with all the thoughts you have hoarded you have given us some excellent posts, fretting over life is normal and all of this stuff will come out in the wash so to say. :)

I’m back! (hooray!  So you filled your spam quota?) Boy did I miss reading your blog! But I kept saying I’m on vacation (I thought you were kidnapped?) and that means “vacation baby”. ! I love all your new buttons! I am going to change them on my blog today!  Can I hang out in the corner with you? (um, I dunno…)I think we could probably make each other laugh and we wouldn’t notice all the drama. Plus, really, girl, how much our thoughts are alike today- it would be nice to have a friend to talk to- and not just in blogland.

Can I buy me a Kerri? (are you gonna sell me to the spam mafia?) I’ll buy ya for 5 bucks! CSN does have so much stuff, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one thing! If only they sold Ryan Reynolds! (hmm being kidnap with Ryan Reynolds might not be so bad)

What a fun trip!! I had to laugh- in a nervous way, of course- at the growling, wagging, wet dog. And the pride on your husband’s face at his little fish is priceless!! Thanks for the smile!! And thanks for linking up for Feel Good Friday!

You have a BE-UT-I_FULL voice little Miss Kerri! I love that. Hang in there with the boys…they are just at the age. Our kids fight but it does get easier!! I promise! I can remember just wanting to go to the grocery store for a break from them. This summer has been so nice, they get along, play outside (without mom having to be there) and I get some peace and quiet! Something to look forward to. xoxo

Thanks for visiting my blog:) I sooo remember the days of little boys. Mine are now 20 and 17. Time flies!

And life gets easier as they get older.

Contact us immediately for a Private Evaluation.(now you’re yelling at me geesh) If you aren’t able to see the message below please click here.  (click where?  here?  there? is this a trick?)

Melissa is pretty and married and available.  Click now.  (well you don’t say….does her husband know she’s available?)

Woohoo nice to meet you I too am a closet hoarder.. and my blog is my therapy as well..

Come visit me soon.


Your Biggest Fan


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Catch ya later Lovers,

Welcome to Comment-Love Letters


First time using the new button!!  Exciting right?  Yea!

You up for giving it a try this week?  Comment-Love that is….

It’s super easy to create your own comment-love letter.  It’s as simple as pulling a few random comments that were left for you, copying them and pasting them into letter form.  In an instant you can create a tribute to those that leave you comment love!

It’s wonderful to read so many supportive comments in one place and it’s awesome to be on the other end as well, reading your comments left for others.

C’mon!!  It’s fun.

Here’s mine this week:


Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Ah! I’m famous, lol (is it weird that I got a good little chill when I saw my name linked on your blog?). I’ll definitely be linking up with you on Saturday, I really liked writing that post this weekend. Congrats on the favorite lady! I’ll have to check out the purse blogger now :)

I saw Wipeout for the first time the other night. Oh my gaw is all I can say about it.   LOL. HAH HA! Definitely don’t want to play Double Dog Dare Ya with Jen! She’s rough! LOL

That Hot Beef Sundae sounds interesting…hmmm. It nourishes gums and softens tartar. There’s just something about the Hot Beef Sundae that makes me sick. I don’t think my mind can handle the visual processing of what’s supposed to be a sweet, yummy treat turning out to be…………BEEF.  I have the whole kit and kaboodle and just can’t get use to it…how long did it take before you liked it? Maybe I should try it again!

I have to enter this because i have seen this on blogs all over the place and now I’m curious! Curse it Kerri now I want to bust out my Hammer pants…. and can I eat dinner at your place every night ….we need a table for 3 =)

So you live out in the country? Must be peaceful!!!! I think there is a reason that riots happen in the summer. The heat brings out the monster in us.  I just lived through a 5-year-old’s screaming fit this afternoon. It is truly brain pain. I hope your wedding went well!  I didn’t know where to like it on facebook, so i be-friended the tooth.

Congrats on being Favorite Lady of the week!!! As always, your answers stay true to who you are, and were. If I had a blog award to give to you it would be the Honestly Honest Blogger award. People can really relate to someone sharing their true thoughts & feelings. Keep it up!

Had to stop by and say hi…I need summer to be over so that I can get back to my visiting all my friends! I miss ya!


Your Biggest Fan


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Comment-Love Letter.

Happy Tuesday.  Remember your bloggy-protection when you’re out spreading the love!!

Catch ya later Lovers,

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Comment-Love Letters

Kerri’s Clutter

number #20 baby.  Do you remember when stamps were only .20 cents?

You can create your own comment-love letter by pulling the comments left for you on your posts in the last week.
Choose a few, copy and paste them to form a letter.

You could also write a letter TO your readers and highlight a few of your favorite comments from the week.

Then lick ‘em up over here with me.


Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Hey Kerri!

I love reading your stuff, you’re a great writer! Very true. You sound just like me, worrying all the time.

This was an amazing post. Very well written, I felt as if I was right there. The photos are priceless of your little boys!  We all want folks to read our posts. We all need to be nicer and spend more time on the blogs we are on to figure out what that persons post is about. Too big of a hurry.

There’s something on my blog for you and it’s not an award..;-) Not that you don’t deserve an award..you deserve all the awards..but it’s not that.  The reason I don’t do memes is because when I first started blogging, I did one practically every day. I burned out completely on them, so now I just do W/W and that’s it.  But I still luv ya!!!

How did you get in that tv??? Magic gypsy woman!  Willy eats anything he can get his hands on. Coconut cream pie or german chocolate cake I’d have a hard time picking between :) I think coconut being the common denominator is my prob Ha Ha.  I will definitely do it again one of these days!! I loved doing it. SO FUN.

Loved your answers. and I’m a google freak too. Yeah for Rain dances! The rain just started. Maybe our grass will once again be green!


If it ever rains here again, we’ll do the same


Your Biggest Fan


Wanna join in on the fun?

Pull your comments from last week and put them together
then link up below (linky will be open till Friday) so we can stop by and check out your

Comment-Love Letter.

Happy Tuesday.  Remember your bloggyprotection when you’re out spreading the love!!

Catch ya later Lovers.

Welcome To

Comment-Love Letters

{{nervously stepping up to the podium}}

{{Clearing throat}}

{{Tapping Microphone}}


Is this thing on?  Hello?  1-2-3 sound check.

Okay.  Here goes.

The participation interest appears to be dwindling for Comment-Love Letters. {{Fighting back tears}}

Everyone really seems to enjoy reading them {cuz they’re awesome} but there’s resistance on actually writing one.

{{Pause for dramatic effect}}

I think the main reason why so many might be reluctant to give it a try is because you might think it’s really time consuming.  Or that the letter needs to make any kind of sense.


The letter isn’t supposed to make any real sense.  It’s supposed to sound goofy, off the chain, coo coo for cocoa puffs crazy……

And the best part is….

You control how much time you put into it.

This week I tried something new.  I simply pulled up my comments received from last Monday to Sunday.  I copied 8 random comments and then put them in letter form; put a Dear, at the top and a closure at the bottom.  Then I simply moved a few of the comments around and was done.

It took me 11 minutes.

And I now have this funny letter to thank my comment-love leavers with.

Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

Happy 4th! Will you be doing an independence day theme vlog of your karaoke?  It is an interesting problem. Still I can’t imagine not being right with her at the library until she’s old enough to drive. Then at age 16 she’d better have the foundation to deal with whatever the library can dish out. I suppose it would be different if she could ride her bike to a library. Sadly here we cannot.

Asstastic letter! Seriously I think that is what blogging is all about…relating to other people. Having fun and making new connections! I love comment letters they are a blast and it gives you a chance to go back and read what people had to say again! Hope your having a fab vacation! I just linked up your letter!

I was a Kerri but lately been an Adrienne. Going to get back to that meal planning! I just know I can do it…lol. Wow i’m not even an animal person and this brought tears to my eyes, I’m sorry for the loss of your baby girl.

I love comments. Sometimes I feel really blue when I don’t get any. I wonder if anyone is reading my posts. Oh well. Maybe I should send out invitations for others to join my pity party.  I always tend to run into people when I have like buggers, a giant zit, stains on my shirt from a kiddo…ya know the good stuff! I am singing the twilight zone theme song…nananananananana! ps. I agree clean underwear is important and they should also be free of holes!

So much of this cracked me up. Broken ears, donations, I’ve been on the floor… hope your Chinese food was hot and spicy!


Your Biggest Fan


It’s a perfect way to shout out to your readers/commenters.  We all know how replying to each and every comment is sometimes impossible.

Who wouldn’t want to be a featured comment in your comment-love letter?  My readers always comment how neat it is to see their comments in there.

It’s just a win – win situation and that’s why I don’t want to give up on the idea.

{{fist bumping the podium}}

{{microphone screeches}}

I just really want more linker uppers. {{Stomping foot like a kindergartner}}

I also ALWAYS leave the linky open till end of day on Friday.  So, there’s no pressure to link up right away on Tuesday, you can link up when it’s convenient for you.

{{Getting ready to grovel, down on my knees…never mind can’t reach the microphone on my knees}}

So, here’s my plea:

Give it a test drive, don’t knock it till you  try it, you never know what you’re missing  out on if you don’t try, never be afraid to try something new…..


Give me a “no thank you bite”.  If you don’t enjoy it then you never ever have to do it again.  Ever.

{{Putting hands together and quieting voice}}

Please.  Just. Do. It. You. Poo-pee. Heads.

Thank you.

You all rock and stuff.

{{Giving Jazz Hands}}

{{Stepping down from my podium}}

{{Lights dim}}

{{And Cut}}

Welcome to

Comment-Love Letters


This week Jen @ A Daily Scoop of Chaos is hosting for me.

Thanks Twin!!

I ♥ ya

This week I’m not pulling my comments to write a letter instead I am pulling from my heart and writing a letter to you.

~    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

To my fellow bloggers and readers:

Hey there.  Aside from a handful of friends and relatives that read my blog I do not know most of you.  What is funny about that, at least to me, is that I tell you more then I would someone I’ve known for years.

I worry about you when you haven’t posted in a few days.  I hope that everything is okay.  Sometimes I will even email you and ask because I want you to know that I care and I hope that you don’t think it’s strange that I do that.  I hope you get my reason why.

I relate to you.  Every day I find bunches of posts that I shake my head in agreement to.  I cry along with you, laugh with you and sometimes, I admit, I laugh at you.

Each time you leave me a comment you relate to me.  You show me that I’m not the only one going through something even at times when it feels like I am all alone.

You rally for things you believe in.  You stand up for each other.  You tell each other often how happy you are to hear from each other, to gain support, to feel important…to someone most of you have never met.

I started comment-love letters to be thankful for each and every comment I receive.  I always enjoy putting the letter together because it gives me a chance to slow down and take in the comments.  It gives me a second chance at saying thank you to those who I might not have responded to because life is busy and time gets away from us.

It does not take me a long time to put the letter together.  I just pick and choose a few comments and before I know it the letter is formed.  If you haven’t participated yet (that’s like almost all of you) please think about trying it out.

While I am on vacation this week I will surely be missing keeping up with all of you.  I know I am definitely missing my comments, my emails, and YOU.

I am looking forward to returning with a fresh outlook and new ideas.

Until then my friends.

Happy Blogging




You can create your own comment-love letters by pulling comments left for you by your readers on your posts in the last week.
Copy and paste them to form a letter.

Then lick ‘em up over here with me.

You could also write a letter TO your readers and highlight a few of your favorite comments from the week.
Haven’t seen any Monkey Ball comments lately…….could it be a dying trend?
Dear Kerri @ Kerri’s Klutter,

I love thin buns!! And no, that is not a reference to my husband’s ass :-) Looks good!! Yes, maam, that did make me laugh too!  If you like that kind of joke, maybe this one is up your alley…

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because he was dead.  LOL!!!! Love it!

I love this post. It says it all. Mommy will always follow. Have fun on your vacation Kerri! Enjoy every minute!  Such a great post, by a Mom who so loves her boys :) This made my heart smile, thanks for that!  Wow….talk about some excellent writing!!!!!!!! Can you be my mom for a day?

I hadn’t seen a dentist in 16 years. Then got insurance thru my husband and found out I had 15 cavities. That’s like half my mouth! Eek! Nothing needed to be pulled though and I only have four more cavities to go before my teeth are done. Though they gave me prescription fluoride toothpaste… yikes. Who knew going to the dentist every six months made that much of a difference!?

Haha, I doubt you have junk…I love love love how you used the word dorktard! haha! Wardrobe malfunctions are the worst because usually things aren’t situated right and it just doesn’t look Hollywood! ;)

There is totally something about the noises outside that lulls you peacefully off to sleep!  I wish I lived somewhere where I could open the windows in June. It is hot as monkey balls here (and they’re back…thanks Adrienne)



Your Biggest Fan


Next week Jen a.k.a Daisygirl a.k.a Ms. Asstastic Nekked Vlogger will be

HOSTING Comment-Love Letters over at her place!

Here, at my place will be a special letter to my readers.  Um, that’s YOU!!

Please be sure to stop by her place, read the comment-love letters AND then get yer butt back

over here to read my love letter to YOU.

Or, feel free to do it in reverse order….who I am to tell you what to do, right?

Later Gators